DT Swiss RR440 Rims

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The DT Swiss RR440 Asymmetric road rim is new to the 2013 lineup. The RR440 is a touch wider than the RR 415 and RR 465 while still maintain the integrity and light weight strength known throughout the DT Swiss line. Weight: 450 gr...

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DT Swiss RR440 tubeless rim

I have a set of wheels with these rims and am in the process of installing tubeless tires (Maxxis Padrone). The front was not a problem, but I am having a heck of a time mounting the rear. The rear RR440 is asymmetrical design (not sure that has anything to do with it) and so far I tried four dif ... Read More »

DT RR440 vs HED Belgium C2

For someone ~200 lbs DT RR440 (Asymmetric rear) vs HED Belgium C2 Built on Campagnolo Record 28f/32r hole 9/10/11 speed silver hubs with the standard 14/15 spokes and brass nipples. Any major difference between the two strength-wise?Read More »

DT Swiss RR440 Rear and RR415 front?

I ride a RR415 front and back, but i scored a RR440 and I am wondering if there are any issues using the RR440/RR415 combination. I don't think so, but one of my riding buds said it would be a good idea to change out the front wheel to a RR440 also, but it was just in passing and I did not think abo ... Read More »

New rim from DT Swiss: RR440

Looks like DT will have a new rim this fall. No data from DT, but QBP sites are listing it with availability in November. 20, 24, 28, 32 in Standard Drilling 24, 28, 32 in Asym Drilling Perhaps a response to the wide rim craze? Anyone have any preannouncement info? [url=http://www.aebike ... Read More »

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