H Plus Son SL42 Rims

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H Plus Son SL42 rims have a machined side wall Rim brake compatible Valve: Presta Rim Joint: Pinned/ sleeved...

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Looking for an H Plus Son SL42 builder

Does anyone know where I'd be able to order some wheels with SL42 rims? All the usual places I check don't carry H plus son. Any suggestions?Read More »

H+Son SL42/Formation Face

Okay, so I've tried to do my research before starting a new thread, but I just see so much discrepancy on the internet, most of which is 3-4 years old. A lot can change since then. So, yeah, sorry if you've seen another post by me on this topic. Here's the main points I've gathered: -**** those ... Read More »

Kinlin 380's vs. H plus Son SL42

I'm looking into trying out one of these deeper aluminum rims on a new build. Statistically, the only thing that separates these two is 4mm in depth and 50 grams; I seriously doubt that either difference will be noticeable to me. What I'd love is some feedback on is the finish/build quality of ... Read More »

Experience with H Plus Son SL42 Rims

I am thinking of building a set of wheels with CK hubs and H Plus Son SL42 rims. Does anyone have good or bad things to say about these rims.Read More »

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