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The Alps rims are structural carbon hoops with a lightweight alloy rim cap. An alloy rim section lets you brake confidently in any weather using any brake pad. The carbon section is high modulus cloth, laid over a structural foam core. The alloy cap is co-molded to the rim. To lower weight, the spokes pass through the carbon to anchor at the alloy section. No additional material is needed as a strain relief to counter spoke tension.

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Strava - someone flagging a HC climb in the alps as dangerous.

I rode the eTape a few years ago, and was looking at the Col du Telegraph in Strava, but it's been marked as hazardous ... Wtf? I know there's issues with descents, but an 800 or so m climb up a classic TdF col ... This is just stupid. 1) it's all up hill, 2) it's a quiet mountain climb ... (I s ... Read More »

Anyone have experience with Hed Alps?

I found a couple of sets online at prices much lower than the Hed Jets (which replaced the Alps) and have read some mixed reviews. Curious if anyone here has used them and what they think of them.Read More »

Austrian Alps Ride (Innsbruck, Austria)

I was going to Austria and Germany and decided to bring my Ritchey, naturally. United Airlines normally charges $200 for regular bike as a luggage fee for an international flight - one way. So the entire trip with my "regular" bike would set me back $400. Yikes. Luckily, Ritchey Breakaway flies for ... Read More »

Hello all from the french alps

Hello to all ,i hope this is the right place to post this if not please feel free to contact me & nudge me along ,i would like to tell you about my chalet in the french alps which i run for the year with the summer being geared towards cyclists that wish to experience the fantastic riding in the alp ... Read More »

Race Across the Alps

Anyone here ever done this? I'm thinking of doing it this year. What do you think of it overall as an event? What things should I know before entering? I know it will probably be a minimum of 24 hours on the bike, but Ive done a few 24 hour mountain bike races so I think I should be ok. Anyone th ... Read More »

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