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Mavic CXP 23 Rims

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  • Weight: 480 grams

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Red Mavic CXP 23 needed

rear, 32 hole..anybody got one sitting around? I was wacked by a suv two weeks ago on my beloved 99 Allez Comp-scuffed the carbon fork(original), road rash on the new Alias saddle, and put a un-trueabble bend in the rear wheel. I replaced the fork with a very subtle looking ritchey Carbon. anyway ... Read More »

buy Mavic Open Pro, MA3, CXP 21 or 23...?

I have a Gunnar Crosshairs that I use for commuting. It'll need wheels soon. From what I read Open Pros seem to be the choice of many. How do they differ from MA3s, CXP 21 and 23 etc. Any recommendations? Thanks.Read More »

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