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Mavic Open Pro CD Rims

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MSRP : $90.00

Product Description

Optimized up to the limit of material potential, Open Pro is probably the best road rim available...

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Mavic Ksyrium SL or Dura Ace Open Pro CD?

Hi everybody, New to this forum, but been on MTBR a long time... I am just getting into road riding to help train for mtb, I have a brand new set of Open Pro CD rims that I was thinking of lacing to Dura Ace hubs and was wondering if these built up well would be better/lighter than Ksyrium SL's? ... Read More »

mavic open pro cd to.....

wanting to upgrade my campy record hub to campy omega strada hardox on the front and campy record to campy moskva 80 on the rear. Want to spend around $400 for the set. Been looking at the mavic open pro cd's but am not sure on hub selection. As i excel in climbs, i want the wheelset on the light ... Read More »

Mavic Open Pro 'CD' - Retro looking??

I can't find a good photo of the open pro [B]CD[/B]. Most web pix seem to come from Mavic and show this as a black rim (no diff to the black ano open pro?), I thought the CD had that retro grey look??? Anyone got 'em?Read More »

Mavic open pro CD??

I'm considering these wheels for a canti riv romulus build. Does anyone know if they are really all black, brake surface and all? [url]http://www.performancebike.com/shop/profile_combo.cfm?SKU=19731&estore_ID=&subcategory_ID=&CFID=5208204&CFTOKEN=41074464[/url]Read More »

Mavic Open Pro CD/Ceramic vs. CX

So there's the tried and true Mavic Open Pro rim ... I'm curious about some of its other incarnations: - Open Pro CD: I don't buy into any of the marketing on that one, but they're nice aesthetically. Does that coating even last? How long? Anyone have decent pics? - Open Pro CD Ceramic: That cer ... Read More »

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