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Nashbar 27 Inch Rims

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MSRP : $13.00

Product Description

  • Holes: 36 holes
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Braking surface: Standard smooth
  • ERD: 619mm
  • Drilling: Schrader
  • Bead: Clincher

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27 inch conversions

Hey there. I have a line on a Miele Alizee on CL that looks in good shape. Seller says that it comes with 27 inch wheels. I'm wondering if it would be relatively pain free to replace the 27 inch wheels with 650b wheels when they wear out since the 27 inch standard seems to have gone the way of th ... Read More »

What 27 inch tire?

Just got a '70-ish Peugeot with 27 inch wheels, and it needs tires. What's out there today, and is any of it really good? Plus, what tires should I avoid?Read More »

Need info on 27 inch tires

I just got a Peugeot UO8 bike, and it needs some new 27 inch tires. I see a few available: Vittoria Zaffiro Pasela Pasela Tourguard Michelin WorldTour Conti Ultra Gatorskin Conti UltraSport Serfas Seca Who's got experience or has read reviews of these? I'm pretty familiar with the Gato ... Read More »

Help w/old 27 inch tires...

Howdy all, first time posting... I went to the bike shop to order a bike last week, so while I am anxiously awaiting for their call, I thought about rehabilitating my 25 year old 12 speed so I could learn a little about maintenance and stuff... basically the only thing I knew was how to lock it up! ... Read More »

Why don't new 27 inch tires stay on old rims?

This has been a recurring problem with the service at our bike shop. New 27 inch tires on older steel rims without a pronounced lip on the inside chronically blow off the rims. It's to the point where when I see an older bike with older steel rims, my inclination is just to tell them to get new wh ... Read More »

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