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Mavic MTB rims spoke tension

Hello there I'm building a set of MTB (XC) wheels for a friend with the following components : - XT hubs, 32 spokes f&r - Sapim Laser front, Laser/Race for NDS/DS rear, brass nipples, all cross-3 - Mavic XM719 rims (non-disc) The wheels are built already, super even tension to the 90 kgf ... Read More »

Tube size for Pacenti SL23 rims and 23c, 25c tires

I just ordered a new wheelset based on SL23 rims, which of course are quite wide at 24mm. We all know that moving the same tire from ~19mm to 23-24mm rims makes the tire volume increase. But does it increase enough that I need to use larger-volume tubes? For example the standard Conti tube size I ... Read More »

No more carbon rims for me - it's garbage day

Trashed 2 Zipp 303 rims at the same time. Hit a raised lip at speed that I didn't see coming. These would be my 3rd and 4th carbon rim breakages. No more. That's it. Finito. [ATTACH=CONFIG]284674[/ATTACH] For the price of one of these I'm building a nice new light set of alloy wheels.Read More »

H Plus Son Archetype -- offset drilling is different on my current batch of rims

I'm doing my 4th and 5th builds using the H+ Son Archetype rim. I got the first 3 sets of rims from BHS and they were drilled such that the 2nd hole to the left of the valve hole (looking down at rim in lap, H+ on the rim label facing the ground) was a DS spoke hole. The current rims (that I ... Read More »

offset or center drilled rims (advantages/disadvantages)

Hi All is there a performance difference between center drilled vs. offset drilled rims? what are the advantages/disadvantages of each? tksRead More »

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