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Raleigh’s 2014 Cross Bikes: Wider Rims, Lighter Frames

After taking hits last year for its odd wheel spec and dated frame designs, Raleigh has fired back with five race ready cyclocross bikes that will be available in plenty of time for this fall’s race season.   Read More »

Enve Composites now shipping UCI Approved Smart Enve System 6.7 Rims and Wheelsets

Ogden, UT, USA – Nearly two years after Enve Composites entered into a long term technical collaboration with Aerodynamicist Simon Smart, and hundreds of hours of research and development later, the UCI-approved Smart Enve System 6.7 tubulars are now shipping to distributors and dealers around the g ...    Read More »

Maxxis jumps into the cyclocross tubeless ring with its Mud Wrestler tubeless ready tire

A first-hand look at Maxxis’ first tubeless cyclocross tire, the 700x33c Mud Wrestler, at Frostbike 2014.   Read More »

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Mavic MTB rims spoke tension

Hello there I'm building a set of MTB (XC) wheels for a friend with the following components : - XT hubs, 32 spokes f&r - Sapim Laser front, Laser/Race for NDS/DS rear, brass nipples, all cross-3 - Mavic XM719 rims (non-disc) The wheels are built already, super even tension to the 90 kgf ... Read More »

Tube size for Pacenti SL23 rims and 23c, 25c tires

I just ordered a new wheelset based on SL23 rims, which of course are quite wide at 24mm. We all know that moving the same tire from ~19mm to 23-24mm rims makes the tire volume increase. But does it increase enough that I need to use larger-volume tubes? For example the standard Conti tube size I ... Read More »

No more carbon rims for me - it's garbage day

Trashed 2 Zipp 303 rims at the same time. Hit a raised lip at speed that I didn't see coming. These would be my 3rd and 4th carbon rim breakages. No more. That's it. Finito. [ATTACH=CONFIG]284674[/ATTACH] For the price of one of these I'm building a nice new light set of alloy wheels.Read More »

H Plus Son Archetype -- offset drilling is different on my current batch of rims

I'm doing my 4th and 5th builds using the H+ Son Archetype rim. I got the first 3 sets of rims from BHS and they were drilled such that the 2nd hole to the left of the valve hole (looking down at rim in lap, H+ on the rim label facing the ground) was a DS spoke hole. The current rims (that I ... Read More »

offset or center drilled rims (advantages/disadvantages)

Hi All is there a performance difference between center drilled vs. offset drilled rims? what are the advantages/disadvantages of each? tksRead More »

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