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Problem with KCNC Ti Skewers

Dear all, I have some questions and problem with my newly KCNC Ti Skewers. I’m using campy shamal ultra wheel sets. Been using Campy Skewers for my Front and rear wheels and there isn’t any play or moving gaps. But after changed to KCNC Ti Skewers for my front and rear wheels. My rear ... Read More »

Cheap strong clamping quick release skewers besides Dura-ace

Low cost. (Under $30 for front). Tried KCNC Ti but doesn't seem to tighten well. I think DA is $60.Read More »

Skewers: RWS (DT swiss)

I read here and there that the classic enclosed cam skewers are slightly better then the exsposed cam. I have on my DT Swiss road wheels the RWS skewers. Any comment or opinion? My point is that they are quite heavy (circa 130-140 the pair), so if they are similar in functionality to the enclose ... Read More »

changing skewers from KK trainer cause wear?

I been switching my skewer back amd forth when I use KK trainer or ride on the road. Will this cause wear on my frame from clamping down?Read More »

Light skewers....

Hi everyone. I currently have Fulcrum Racing Zeros Ltd Competition edition wheelset. In the never ending quest to lose gms here and there, I am trying to get lighter weight skewers. I believe the fulcrum racing zero skewers weight approx. 120 gms for the set. I am seriously considering the Tune skew ... Read More »

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