Avenir Quick Release Skewers

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Avenir Quick Release Skewers Skewers for front and rear hubs Front fits 100mm hub Rear fits 127mm hub (6,7,8 speed)

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Thru axle vs quick release

I know thru axles are supposed to be stiffer than QRs, but has anyone done a study to back this up? I'm looking at investing in a cross bike and right now I can get a really good deal on a frame, but it's lacking thru axles. I'm wondering if they make a real difference or it's just another "that' ... Read More »

quick release for rear wheel

I have a 26" Pacific Conquest SE mountain bike. I wish to put my bike in a 4 door sedan trunk. I can remove the front wheel with quick release. I wish to remove the rear wheel with quick release too. But local bike shop told me this rear wheel cannot use quick release. Please see photo attached. P ... Read More »

Is it okay to use "trainer-specific Quick Release" for outside riding?

Hello, It maybe is a stupid question, but I am throwing it out on this thread anyways. I have been using tacx turbo trainer, and as the snow melts off, I started riding outside. Now I am riding on both the road and the trainer, so I kept changing the QR. So i was wondering if I need to keep changing ... Read More »

Internal cam quick release options

I may be sweating details here, but I'm searching now for the "ideal" skewers to add to my build. My LBS has the parts on order for my wheels, and I've been trying to research skewers. I have never put much thought into skewers, but after some reading, I have seem to come to the realization that i ... Read More »

WTB Quick Release skewers: to fit 7 speed hubs circa 1990

Hi All, My retro rebuild project continues... 1990 era Reynolds 653 frame with Shimano 600 grouppo. I've even got a good set of training wheels (Mavic 32H Open 4's clinchers with Shimano 600 7 speed HG hubs) and racing wheels (Mavic Mach 2 CD2 singles on Mavic 550 hubs). Problem is that al ... Read More »

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