Cutter Quickie Skewers

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Removing your wheels often? Cutter?s Quickie Skewers offer a simple, dependable solution when you?re going between roof rack, to apartment, to the back of your friend?s car and back again. These hardened steel skewers lock your wheels in place, without weighing you down. Rear and front wheel skewers included as well as a seatpost skewer.

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quickie question

Wheres Boonen? Ive been on lock down with the in-laws on vacation with NO VERSUS and Dial-up net! Ahhhhhhhhhh!Read More »

Quickie: How long did the CD coating last on your Reflexes?

... race-specific wheels, training and race wheels? Dry/wet conditions? Just curious, obviously the brakes will still work on the rims once that coating wears off but I'd like to know how much use I can expect to get out of the CD coating if I shell out the extra cash.Read More »

another handgun quickie...

A total noob question. If I were to get into shooting... I'm from the country, so I'm pretty well versed in the ways of shotgun useage as a means of dinner procurement and entertainment (skeet.) I happen to be left eye dominant (but right handed), which meant I shot left handed. As such, I usu ... Read More »

BenWA gets a quickie!!! *almost* (spy vid)

sorry bro. Midday Quickie // [url][/url] has some funny stuff up. Home of Will Ferrell's "Landlord"Read More »

TM Gives a Quickie!!

ok, i just gots back to tha interwebs. This has been fun!! Except I broke my damn phone in the fountain...whoospie! What's creepy? how the fark couldn't funk recognize me? So i need to post MORE pics of my mug (of course). I will post a massive comprehensive post next week. I have over ... Read More »

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