Fulcrum Front Skewer Skewers

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Fulcrum Skewer for Red Metal or Speed Light wheels....

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Noob question.. Front vs rear skewer?

Hey all, i'm confused as to if the front skewer is the same width as the rear skewer. It seems as though my bike's rear skewer is thicker (has more girth) than my front skewer. Is this common or no? The problem arises with the skewer that was sent to me for my new trainer. It seems as thou ... Read More »

Converting front skewer to rear

Can a Bontrager RXL front skewer be converted to a rear skewer, using the threaded rod from an previous generation RXL skewer? If so, how can it be done?Read More »

allen keyed front skewer

I want to change my front skewer from quick release to an allen keyed one. My bike shop will sell me one for $5. Is there a difference in quality from one to another? Or is a $5 one O.K.? Any reason functionally not to do this (aside from the fact I'll need an allen key to get the wheel off)?Read More »

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