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Funky spokes

Headed out on a 50-mile country ride last week. Weather was almost perfect. More importantly, only passed by a handful of cars. [IMG]http://i1280.photobucket.com/albums/a499/hochul/634DCD4C-C44E-482E-AA47-750890330170-17268-000009059F87D71A_zps968a2008.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1280.photobucket ... Read More »

Has anybody ever true carbon wheel with bladed spokes?

I been putting it off for quite a while. The Boyd 38mm carbon clinchers most likely got out of true from all the cracks and small potholes on the roads I ride on. I only notice the rubbing on the brake pads with the front wheel when I climb out of the saddle. Another factor is likely I set my bra ... Read More »

Light corrosion on spokes what to do?

I just got some used Mavic Cosmic SL's and there is very light corrosion on the spokes, not rust just a little rough and in some places with a somewhat milky white color. Any idea of how to treat this issue with out ripping the black paint off of the spokes? i am also afraid if i use something too ... Read More »

Breaking spokes at the bend?

My radial laced front wheel, (20hole, Sapin CXray spokes, Kinlin XR270 rim) has been popping spokes lately. The spokes are breaking at the hub. I built the wheel myself with Bitex hubs. Is this a symptom of too much or too little tension? Or does it "depend"? I don't have a tensionometer. The ... Read More »

Switching from Open Pros to A23s...Use the same spokes??

I have a set of Ultegra/Open Pro CD wheels with only about 50 miles on them and I've changed my mind about what I want. The builder, understandably, doesn't want to take used wheels back so I am left to have the LBS switch the rims. My question is: Can I use the same spokes? The Open Pro has a ... Read More »

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