Wheelsmith ACE blade Spokes

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Product Description

  • Dimensions 2.0-3.1x0.9-2.0mm
  • Size range 222-302

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    Which pedal is easier to clip into? Dura Ace 7900 or Look Keo Blade?

    I currently have the Dura Ace 7900 carbon pedal. I like almost everything about them except one thing...having to look down to clip in. When starting at a stop light, I'm usually not clipped in until I'm halfway or completely crossed the intersection. I have trouble finding the front hook to get ... Read More »

    Dura Ace 7900 Carbon Pedal Vs Look Keo Blade

    Anyone tried both and have a review either way? I have heared the Looks go through cleats quicker?Read More »

    Keo Blade VS SP Zero Ti VS iClic Titan VS Dura-Ace PD-7900

    So Basically I'm looking for a great pedal that satisfies these categories the best Ranked 1-4, 1 being most important 1. Quality (bearing smoothness, doesn't crack break from abuse, etc.) 2. Bling ("o sht you got those pedals!") 3. Feel/function (clipping in and out, power in hammering and cl ... Read More »

    Read More »




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