Bell Universal Tires - Clincher

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MSRP : $5.00

Product Description

  • 27-inch universal road lightweight bike tire
  • Width range fit of 1 1/8 in - 1 3/8 inch
  • Rubber construction

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NBC Sports Universal: could you suck anymore?

Working my way through the DVR stages of the 4 days of dunkirk over the last two days after finally getting through the giro since I was out of town for the first two weeks of racing, I'm amazed at the asshatery. First, they either didn't televise the first stage or my dvr failed to record it. Se ... Read More »

The Bliss of Taking a Dump Is Universal!!!

Even in the animal kingdom. Look at that face while he's getting ready to squeeze one off. Tell me, is that not pure happiness? And you know when he's successful as the flying grass surrounding him while he's doing a 4-paw burnout. Oh, and he loves his privacy while dropping a load. I have to g ... Read More »

Universal fit Rotor 3D-F cranks in BB30 frame spacer ?

Hello everyone. I recently picked up a mid-compact Rotor 3D-F crankset to replace my current SRAM BB30. If I recall correctly (its been awhile), I didn't need to insert any spacers for the SRAM BB30 cranks (non-BB86 compatible 68mm?) however, since the Rotor is BB86 compatible I assume I'll need s ... Read More »

Universal and Giro

Hello All Just wondering if anyone knows if Universal Sports will be carrying the Giro. I've seen their schedule for races (they are actually covering quite a few) but no sure about the Giro. I would switch to Direct TV if they were. ThanksRead More »

Is Universal Sports covering CX this year?

Like the title says- I can't find any CX races listed anywhere on Universal Sports. :mad: What's up with that? What- too much effort to just replay Euro coverage, without any announcing or subtitles like they used to? Seems like zero effort at all...Read More »

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