Continental Grand Prix Tires - Clincher

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Grand Prix The Continental Grand Prix was the first open clincher to enter into the world of road racing. Its extremely high mileage performance and renowned puncture and cut resistance make the Grand Prix an ideal competition and training...

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Weight/inflation chart for 25mm grand prix 4000

I found generic chart, but wondering if there's one specifically for grand prix tires? Michellin has a good one, would like to find the equivalent for continentalRead More »

Grand Prix Montreal-Anybody going?

Is anybody going to watch the Grand Prix Montreal race on Sunday? If so, do you know where the best place to watch is? Last year I was just up the road from the fininsh/start line, but was wondering if there is a better place.Read More »

2014 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

Here's a pretty cool video of Rahsaan Bahati from the Pro 1 race. Read More »

Conti Grand Prix vs Grand Prix 4000S

I bought a second hand bike with old, but low mileage, Conti Grand Prix tires. 3,500 miles later I had my first puncture flat from a simple staple. Both tires are fairly squared off, but I'm wondering how much longer I should ride on them. I have new GP 4KS tires in the box, but don't want to waste ... Read More »

Continental Grand Prix 4000s sale

[URL="Competetive Cyclist"]Competetive Cyclist[/URL] I've seen them cheaper, but shipping was free and they had 4 in stock. $37.47 Good luckRead More »

Read More »



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