Continental Hometrainer Tires - Clincher

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Product Description

FOR USE on a TRAINER or ROLLERS ONLY Thanks to its special cold-running compound, the Hometrainer doesn’t experience the heat buildup of a road tire, nor does it suffer the tread separation that the road tire is prone to under the s...

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Hometrainer tires on street

On my walk down to the beach, the horns on this Bianchi caught my attention. Then noticed the Home Trainer tires on it. My guess is the rider wanted solid orange tires.Read More »

Bulging/Deformations on Continental Hometrainer Tire

Has anyone experienced weird bulges and deformations in their Continental Hometrainer tires before? I've posted a picture below. My tire only has about 1,500 miles on the trainer (Computrainer) and I always keep the tire inflated to 100-120 PSI. I haven't noticed any abnormal slippage. I was jus ... Read More »

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