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the petition to overturn the Olympic figure skating result

Apparently there are 1.5 million people who know about petitions but have no clue as to the US President's authority in matters of Olympic figure skating judgments. Low information voters FTW. Facepalm. I weep for our republic. [url= ... Read More »

Olympic Dope?

I feel a little sad. I watched a Norwegian man win a cross country skiing race, what was his name? Anyway he was 40 or 41, and my first thought was, is he dopin??? I should just be glad someone near my age can still be the best in the world!Read More »

Team No.2, a new Olympic sport?

Sochi Olympics twin toilet [url=]BBC News - Twitter storm in Russia over Sochi Olympics twin toilet[/url] [ATTACH=CONFIG]291333[/ATTACH]Read More »

The U.S. earned 135 world championship and Olympic medals in 2012!

[COLOR=#181818][FONT=arial]American cyclists of all ages and abilities lined up next to the world's best in 2012 to compete for world titles and Olympic glory. In all, USA Cycling members brought home 135 medals from world championship and Olympic competition in 2012. Junior and elite-level cyclists ... Read More »

Master Olympic Campagnolo Record 9 Speed Shamal Titanium

I've acquired my holy-grail, a Colnago Titanio 57cm, so I've moved all the parts from the old holy-grail Steel Master over. I picked up a Kestrel with the 9-speed record donor gruppo, and came up with this masterpiece. [ATTACH=CONFIG]282911[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]282924[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2829 ... Read More »

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