Continental Sprinter Tires - Clincher

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Continental Sprinter 700x22c Tubular

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Help Settle an Argument - Green Jersey - Most Consistent or Best Sprinter

So help settle an argument between a friend and I about the Green points classification jersey. Alot of people call the green jersey the sprinters jersey. I'd say that is because the green jersey is typically won by sprinters and has become that unofficially by association. However, consistent ... Read More »

Douchenozzle sprinter

[QUOTE]"Maybe it’s because I’ve already taken three wins," Bohanni said of the other teams’ reluctance to collaborate with FDJ. "They wanted us to control the race and then break us up. But that’s part of the game, it’s like that."[/QUOTE] Seems like someone is pretty proud of himself beating the s ... Read More »

Am I wrong to not appreciate a 'sprinter' win?

Somehow I don't like it when a guy wins a race but only leads the last second of the race. *flame suit ready*Read More »

Sprinter training/nutrition?

Just wondering, how do sprinters train differently than other types of riders?Read More »

Supple and Speed in a tire for a lightweight sprinter/climber...

Hey, I am running an old set of Vittoria all weather dual compound race tires, and they feel so supple and quick but they are coming apart in places! What are my best replacements? For a lightweight and fast rider on an aluminum bike... supple and speed is what i yearn for... The obvious choi ... Read More »

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