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CST Caldera Comp Wire Bead Tire, Black

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Valles Caldera, NM

Couple of times a year, the Forest Service opens the Valles Caldera preserve (in north-central NM.) The preserve sits inside a strato-volcano that blew its lid a few million years ago. Formerly part of a Spanish Land Grant, it has been off-limits to the public for as long as NM has been inhabited by ... Read More »

is the Kona 05 Caldera Frame good for cyclocross?

i have been looking for a frame under $300 that i could use for cyclocross, becuase i am building a bike for my first time, and its for my senior project. i came across the Kona 05 Caldera Frame and it looks good from what i know, but i dont know much about road biking and cyclocrossm cuz im new to ... Read More »

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