CycleOps Indoor Trainer Tires - Clincher

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Product Description

Cycleops Indoor Trainer tire is a 700 C tire size that fits most road wheels. Extra strong compound that takes the wear of an indoor training session.

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Need to get an indoor trainer....torn ligament in thumb

While riding my mtn bike the other day I got broke off and ended up tearing a ligament and possibly two in my thumb. Surgery next Wednesday. Doctor says that I won't be able to grab anything with any strength for a good 2 months and possibly 3 depending on therapy. So, I want to get an indoor trai ... Read More »

Justifying an indoor trainer. Questions about KK and TR

I have a couple questions that I was hoping someone could answer for me. I'm trying to justify purchasing an indoor trainer for this winter when it gets too cold and dark early. For reference I am looking at getting a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and pairing that with Trainer Road program. 1) Can I m ... Read More »

Cheapest Option for indoor trainer

I am looking for the cheapest option for a rear tire to be used on my indoor trainer. I know about the actual trainer tires, just looking for info on getting a cheap rear wheel. I need a 700C with an 8 speed cassette. Please let me know what the cheapest, easiest options would be. ThanksRead More »

Indoor Trainer

Which indoor trainer would you recommend and the reasons why ? I want to get one and just want to make sure I get the one that works the best, thanksRead More »

Indoor Trainer setup/tips

Hello everyone! Im looking to buy an indoor trainer, I did some research (some on this site but didnt find a lot of thing, maybe I didnt search the right way) and im looking at the Kinetic road machine 2.0. Anyone have any advice / suggestion as for the machine itself (from what ive been reading ... Read More »

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