Duro Easy Ride Tires - Clincher

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Duro Easy Ride bike tire 28 x 2 inches (50-622)Wire bead30 TPIFlak Jacket Supreme puncture-resistant casingReflective sidewall1060 grams

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Easy passes to ride?

I have just ridden Vail side of Vail pass and will do the copper side soon, what other passes are a good one for a beginner? I do like that Vail is on a bike path but know very few if any others exist like this. ThanksRead More »

Ride to Montauk - not so easy this year

Did the ride saturday. It was not as easy as it has been in years past. I admit that I wasnt so ready for it. After the Gran Fondo I pretty much only rode for my commute to work and home and to the bar and back. The night before I did the usual sushi, Sapporo and Sake. Tried to get to be ... Read More »

What is "easy recovery ride"?

So, I've read something along the lines that American's don't ride easy enough on recovery days and not hard enough during "hard" days. That we tend to stay more in the middle ground. The "hard" efforts are difficult to argue since we all have different pain thresholds. When I'm riding an "ea ... Read More »

Easy Ride In the Countryside

Did a short loop today - about 13 miles - through rolling terrain with a few short and steeps and plenty of false flats. My legs were rubber after two hard weeks of leg workouts in the gym but it felt great to be out and finally start to put more than 3 or 4 miles at a time on the new bike. Ancie ... Read More »

Easy flat ride (when the husband picks the route)

So we were thinking a nice easy flatter ride. Thought about Lime Creek Road, but thought we might like something more flat today. So "the husband" picks the route (Austin --> Cedar Park --> Leander and back). Here are some pics from our lovely [B]flat [/B]ride: [IMG]http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn. ... Read More »

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