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Take your self to great heights with this affordable road tire. Smooth center with inverted micro tread on the shoulder for cornering. 100 psi max. Black. Wire bead. 360 grams. 700x25 (25-622)Made in China.

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Alexandria, VA - Skyline Drive - Charlottesville, VA: 3 days, 220 miles

[ATTACH=CONFIG]297133[/ATTACH] Mount Vernon to Monticello - 3 days - 220 miles. Day 1: 104 miles, 3778 ft of climbing, avg speed- 13.2 mph; Day 2: 55 miles and 7198 ft of climbing, avg speed- 9.6 mph; Day 3: 61 miles, 4186 ft of climbing, 13 mph. Total climbing - 15,162 ft. Beginning bike/gear we ... Read More »

Water points on Skyline Drive

Is this an accurate depiction of water points on Skyline Drive starting from Front Royal? Mile Location 5 Dickey Ridge VC 24 Elk Wallow 32 Thornton Gap 36 Pinnacles 51 Byrd VC I rode it for the 1st time today and just went to Hogsback as I didn't want to descend to Elk W ... Read More »

Opinions on Skyline Dr this weekend?

I was going to do the [URL=""]SkyMass[/URL] route on Sunday, but with the fires in the area wondering if this is a good idea...I'm sure Skyline Dr would be perfectly fine but I know of two fires, one just south of Fort Valley and on the radio today I heard there i ... Read More »

Skyline and Hwy 9 to Big Basin?

Does anyone know how long this would take? From the skyline intersection to the entrance of the park where everyone parks? Also, do you just go down 9 then take a right on 236?Read More »

Help on getting from San Mateo Fairgrounds to 35 (Skyline)

I'm going to be at the San Mateo fairgrounds and want to ride home to Campbell. I plan just to get to Skyline and cruise that to Hwy9 and down. What is the best way to get to Skyline for mid San Mateo? Best means safest for cycling and not getting lost. It does not have to be the fastest ... Read More »

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