Innova Studded Tire Tires - Clincher

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Product Description

Innovas studdedTires let you keep having fun, even whenThe weatherTurns foul. Replacement studs are available (it is commonTo lose 5-10 studs during use dueTo friction) 584g (20") 970g (26")

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700c Studded Tire Break In period

Is it necessary to ride a new pair of 700c studded tires on dry road for 25 miles/40k for a break-In period. Was told you need to ride dry road first to make sure studs are seated correctly in tires Ray StillRead More »

One studded tire?

For good winter traction where there is a risk of icy patches, is it worth anything to have one studded tire? Or is two essential? If one, would you want it on the front or back for best no-slip traction? Thank you in advance.Read More »

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