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Unleash your inner wanderer with the Gypsy. To keep your adventure on course, the Gypsy uses a 60-TPI casing and our Silkworm breaker puncture protection beneath the tread. The Gypsy offers a durable yet comfortable ride with low rolling resistance and excellent traction.

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Yellow 1975 Gitane Men's Gypsy Model 2034 ??

Hey All - Just wanted to know if anyone had info on this bike I purchased last year, but is a little too small for me. I would like to sell it as I have another bike now, but don't know anything about it. I'd like to know what a fair price would be for it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a ... Read More »

Will Boonen Tie the Gypsy?

Will Boonen tie the Gypsy's record on Sunday? I found this picture showing Maertens, De Vlaeminck and Merckx in the 1977 edition as Freddy's got the rainbows on which he won in 1976 and Eddy's in his last year, riding for Fiat. Roger was and is still one of my favorite riders and the reason I boug ... Read More »

My Gypsy thread is dead

but not my threads about Indians or the Chinese. Oh, and Kennedy's insane thread is still going strong. This place is weird. I'm going to sleep. I won't be on RBR tomorrow. I'm gonna be in court all day, prosecuting minorities. I hope I'm not banned when I return. Peace out, *****es.Read More »

Post a Gypsy Wednesday!

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