Nokian Mount & City Tires - Clincher

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  • Thermo-silica rubber compound (durometer 60A)
  • Durable gumwall casing with wire beads

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Mount Rainier's Ice Caves

[QUOTE]The caves form as heat rises from the volcano’s depths and melts the base of the ice cap that fills Rainier’s twin craters. More than 5,000 climbers trudge across those craters every year to tag the highest crest in the Cascade Mountains. Few have any inkling what lies beneath their feet. [u ... Read More »

I made an "Out Front" bike mount for my iPhone

I use my bike to commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan and use my iPhone with Cyclemeter and Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensor to record my rides. I have a Quadlock case and mount for the stem, but really didn't like mounting it there. I really like the Out Front Garmin mounts. Here is what i made: [URL] ... Read More »

Venge seatpost/saddle mount??

I just picked up a 2015 Venge Pro frameset and I'm trying to get everything in order for the build. I'm going to be running a Fizik Antares 00 saddle with carbon rails, but I think the saddle mount that comes with the Venge is only for alloy rails, correct? I need to grab one of these clamps? [url ... Read More »

What is this Di2 battery mount??

Does anybody know what is used on this Time RXRS frame, to mount the Di2 battery sideways near the bottom bracket? A special bracket that connects to the 'short battery mount' ? It looks like it is attached both with the screw below the bottom bracket, and a screw around the bottom of the down tube. ... Read More »

Rattle on Shimano Di2 Battery Mount

I installed a Shimano Di2 kit on my 2014 Cervelo P2, which uses an external battery mount. I noticed that I get a rattle every time I go over bumps. I isolated it to the Di2 battery mount. I have the same setup on my Cannondale Evo, but no noise. Is this something solved with a little electrical tap ... Read More »

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