Panaracer Catalyst Tires - Clincher

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Product Description

  • Edge to edge file tread for minimum rolling resistance while maintaining grip
  • Specially angled side grooves for traction in really rough conditions
  • Strong yet supple casing for speed and agility while remaining robust

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Is Romney the catalyst for the 2012 Mayan apocalypse?

Is Romney the anti-Christ that will bring death and destruction to the world? He fits the profile. The plastic satanic smile and religion worn on his sleeve combined with his almost seemingly clueless nature about all things middle east. It's almost like he can't wait to go to war. Can it be he ... Read More »

Catalyst Orange?

Does anyone have any live pictures of a Madone in Catalyst Orange? This looks like a very interesting color on the P1 site, but I would like to see it in a real-world picture. Thanks!Read More »

Got my first bike (Litespeed Catalyst) - now what?

I've ridden mountain bikes a lot when I was younger, but primarily just for fun. I was never serious about it. But now I am, for health reasons and the whole 'zen' experience of cruising down a smooth road (I like to meditate while riding, though this applies to skating or jogging too). I found some ... Read More »

1997 Litespeed Catalyst ?.

Looking to purchase a 1997 Litespeed Catalyst. Does anyone own or have experience with this frame ?. Weight,ride quality,value etc... Thanks for any help you can provide,Read More »





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