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buying new tires - challenging new adventures

My new less than 20 km tires Purchased as proposed for loaded touring First trip holiday weekend with my son (3 years old in a child seat) Suddenly the rear tire decides to split the wires from the rubber Resulting an immediate inner tube bursting at about 25km speed Time Event 5:20 am in abso ... Read More »

Tube size for Pacenti SL23 rims and 23c, 25c tires

I just ordered a new wheelset based on SL23 rims, which of course are quite wide at 24mm. We all know that moving the same tire from ~19mm to 23-24mm rims makes the tire volume increase. But does it increase enough that I need to use larger-volume tubes? For example the standard Conti tube size I ... Read More »

Chinese 27mm Aero Carbon Wheels...25mm tires okay?

I am looking at picking up a set of these. I haven't seen it confirmed is running 25's on them is what is recommended or is it something else.Read More »

Maxxis 22C Radiale tires on Stans Notubes Alpha 340 ZTR

I am having a terrible time getting Maxxis 22C Radiale tires to stay sealed on Stans Notubes Alpha 340 ZTR rims. I have tried Stans valves, as well as Enve valves, and Enve rim tape. Does anyone have any experience with this combination.Read More »

Asphalt Street Pavers ruined my Tires

I'm riding to the store today through Eastchester, NY and I come across barriers blocking the newly paved road. So, I go around, ride through a few side blocks hoping to bypass the end of the paved road. I come to the end of a side street and there are no more barriers. So I figure the next paved se ... Read More »

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