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At 30mm the Airborne is wider and more comfortable than a regular wheelchair tire. The additional comfort is not only useful in making a Back-flip landing. Low weight and low rolling resistance provide momentum - for the jump, or for traveling generally. Yet despite its sporty background the Airborne is equally at home in everyday life. For the first time we use the HD Ceramic Guard in a wheelchair tire and the unique, high-density protection belt offers excellent puncture protection.

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New fork for my Airborne CX

I bought a 56" Airborne Carpe Diem frame and fork on CL and just finished building it up. The only thing is the fork seems to have a lot of flex under braking..I'm really enjoying riding this bike so upgrading the fork is definitely something I want to invest in. What other forks I could replace thi ... Read More »

matte airborne zepplin?

i thought all the airborne frames were polished. does this look fishy to you? I'm thinking about buying this but question the finish [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

Airborne Delta, junk or no at $750

Looking for a winter/gravel riding bike. I came across this Airborne bike for a decent price. I actually only want to spend around $500, but this seems worth it for the apex group? [url=]Airborne Bicycles. Delta[/url]Read More »

Phantom Cross Pro vs. Airborne Delta (Thoughts?)

I'm having a difficult time deciding between a Moto Phantom Cross Pro or an Airborne Delta. The Phantom has better components (Rival) but the Delta has a much better frame (BB30, 135 rear hub). I'm interested to see everyone's take on this. Are there any other bikes in the < $1300 I should be loo ... Read More »

Airborne Zeppelin

Anyone still riding one of these frames ? If so, what are your experiences with it to this point ? How old is frame ? ThanksRead More »

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