Schwalbe Ironman Tires - Clincher

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Schwalbe Ironman K tire, 700 x 22c: Official Tire of Ironman Wind tunnel tested, optimizing aerodynamic drag for the entire wheel system One Star triple compound with radical reduction in rolling resistance Vectran Guard for high-level of puncture protection Evolution line 127tpi casing

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The wifey is training for an Ironman ...

- Ironwoman? , and I'll be glad when this thing is done. It hasn't been too bad from the time standpoint, she's done most of her training without too much disruption for the rest of the family. The financial side is really starting to bite. She just presented me with a list of doodads such as arm ... Read More »

81 Mile Cycle: Training For Ironman

[SIZE=2]Hi all - [/SIZE][FONT=inherit][SIZE=2]So first event of my racing calendar was Saturday last. It was the Hell of Hunterdon. An 81 mile event, I’m not going to say race because it’s not. It’s more of a way to dust the cobwebs off early in the year.[/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=inherit][SIZE=2]I make ... Read More »

Centurion Dave Scott Ironman Expert 1989

New to biking! The weather is getting nicer and I am tired of taking the bus to work, even though it's only 15 minutes bus ride, I figure I would have more freedom riding a bicycle to work. Saw this on a local website and not sure if it's a good buy. I know nothing about bicycle other than the ... Read More »

Lance Armstrong 'comeback' in sport - Ironman triathlon vs 4 times WC Chris McCormack

From Lance's twitter feed and Macca's challenge this race looks like it is on. I can certainly see why Macca wants to just go out and race the guy - as an athlete all your life you would like to just race for fun right? But no doubt this will bring up a lot of arguments in the sport. Fascinating ... Read More »

Training for a Deca Ironman - Boardman Aero 9.4/9.8 good bike?

Now I should explain, the Deca Ironman I am starting on June 28th takes place on day one at the Celtman Triathlon (details here: [url=]1st of 10 Ironman distance routes confirmed for June 2014 | Deca ... Read More »

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