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The Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour tires work on both asphalt and off- road. The SmartGuard puncture protection to resistant thorns, shards, and even thumbtacks. The Marathon Silica compound has low rolling resistance and lasts more miles. ...

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Schwalbe Marathon Plus it's not you... it's me

I have a set of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires (700X28). I want to like them. I really do. They seem to be all but puncture proof. They have a very useful reflective sidewall. I bought them because I thought they would make the perfect commuter tire. When I ordered them, I didn't bother to look ... Read More »

Schwalbe Marathon plus tires

I just put my first set of Schwalbe's on my bike. I was told they would be a bear to mount. I was struggling with getting sides of the tire bead to seat on the rim without pinching the tube. I needed about 4 more hands. Then it dawned on me, being a teacher, if I could get both sides of the tire ... Read More »

Mounting Schwalbe Marathon Plus

Well, two tubes pinched so far. I just got the Marathon Plus tires and, aside from pinching two tubes, they are a bear to mount. I am taking my time, working the tire into rim starting opposite the valve side... finally get it in and SSSsssss when I got to fill it. I'm fitting a 700x28 on to Mavic E ... Read More »

sun CR18 700c wheels and Schwalbe Marathon plus?

Is this a good match? I got the rims already to go but waiting on the tires, I throw an old set of tires I had on the rims to try them and it was a struggle to get the tires on. after 15 minutes I had to use tires levers to get the tires on. Is this common with sun rims or just the combo I tried? ... Read More »

Schwalbe Marathon Plus - For century?

I have a dirt ride this weekend on the Erie Canal trail so I threw these on, size 28. Nice and beefy with a bit of tread. Next weekend I have a century (Harlem Valley) which goes through the Berkshire Mountains,and for me is kinda tough, though I did it last year. I've also done a couple of other ... Read More »

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