Schwalbe Marathon Tires - Clincher

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The Schwalbe Marathon tires incorporate light- reflecting sidewalls for better visibility and also utilizes a Silica compound for easy rolling and a longer life span. SPD Compatible Intended Use: Road Tire Type: Clincher T...

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Marathon runner converting to Ultra cycling: Needs help

I thank anyone in advance for replying. I was forced to retire from marathon running due to a partial knee replacement. I was told I could cycle as much as I want by my Orthopedic doc. So, therefore I have chosen to take up Ultra cycling. Unfortunately, I am still rehabbing my knee and have no ex ... Read More »

Schwalbe Marathon Mondial

Hi All, I am looking to replace the Continental Tourrides that came on our touring bikes and have been trying to find something that will fit the following criteria: -Will roll easily on pavement at higher pressures with minimal buzzing -Will handle dirt roads and light gravel at lower pressures -G ... Read More »

Pikes Peak marathon report, for anybody interested.

First off, I know this is a biking forum, but I thought some might appreciate a recap of my race last Sunday. It was the single hardest thing I have ever done, including biking. There's no coasting when running up or down a mountain :) I ran the marathon last Sunday, the girlfriend also ran the Asc ... Read More »

First Ultra-Marathon Cycling Event-Finished

I rode my first endurance cycling event. Actually, it was my first organized cycling event ever. The ride was a 6-hour as many miles as possible format using a large 50 mile and smaller 7 mile loop. The day began quickly for some in the for some, but I found myself rather far behind before we got ... Read More »

This Marsupial Has Marathon Sex Until It Goes Blind and Drops Dead

*now with VIDEO ... I felt it appropriate to post here in teh lounje: "Males relentlessly bound from partner to partner, as massive hormone releases in their bodies cause their immune systems to crash and their fur to fall out. They bleed internally. Some males even go blind, yet still stumble ar ... Read More »

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