Schwalbe Spicer Tires - Clincher

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Spicer. Smooth tread for easy rolling, good protection with KevlarGuard puncture protection belt. High-quality 50 EPI carcass.

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Anyone besides Spicer make a pursuit frame?

I'm kinda in love with the look, something about that sloping top tube just gets me. Any who, they don't seem to pop up on ebay very often, if at all. Even smaller chance of catching one that's actually your size... Spicer has a nice selection, but they are all over $1000... not really wh ... Read More »

Spicer Titanium fork

I have searched this subject but nothing useful came up. So, can anyone share their experience with Spicer Titanium road fork and any other titanium fork? Thanks in Advance,Read More »

New Spicer track frame - what color?

I have just placed an order for a Spicer track frame to use for, you guessed it, racing at the track this year. We've worked out all the specs for sizing, geometry, etc., but I am still undecided on possibly the most important aspect of this frame, the color. Gene has told me I can basically h ... Read More »

Anyone heard of Spicer cycles?

I saw this..... [url][/url] Thought it looked like a great deal? Any ideas? I also listed this on what bike to buy. Thanks for the help.Read More »

Custom Ti bike from Spicer?

I really want to get a Ti CX bike. I saw this [url][/url] Any idea on this company. How would I find out if this is a nice bike? Any other places that make nice Ti CX bikes that aren't over $1200? ... Read More »

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