Slime Tube Protector - Pair Tires - Clincher

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Flats blow. Prevent them with Slime''''s Tube Protector.

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Leather Top tube protector

yes i know it looks kind of funny and is heavier than nothing at all, but I prefer funny and a little heavier than a dented frame.. [IMG][/IMG] I took a really thick piece of leather about 4mm thick, shave the edges on a 30deggre angle on each ... Read More »

top tube ding protector things...

i'm sure someone knows what i'm talking about, it's usually a little rubber piece that slides on the top tube so if your handle bars swing around and makes contact it won't ding. what are those things called and where can i find some premade ones? (tape's not cutting it) thx.Read More »

Read More »



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