Slime Tube Tires - Clincher

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Slime Self Sealing Smart Bike Tube 27x11/4". Self-Sealing Smart Bike Tubes with SLiME Inside. All SLiME Smart Tubes are factory-filled with a precise volume of SLiME Tube Sealant. Smart Tubes instantly seek out and seal punctures as they occur, preventing

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Cyclocross frame with long head tube

[url=]Custom Seven Mudhoney Cyclocross Bike Frame 61cm XL 3 2 5 Titanium | eBay[/url] Trying to figure.. why the very long head tube. Ad states 'custom'.. could be original owner requested this ... Read More »

Seven axiom/axiom sl or IF ti crown jewel with carbon seat tube

I'm really torn between these options and would appreciate your views on the pros and or cons of any of the 3 options above. Im about 130lbs, and intending on using the bike for long commutes of up to 2 hrs a few times a week so need a comfortable bike which arguably shouldnt be an issue for any o ... Read More »

Top Tube Cable Routing Question

Hey all, So my cross bike has full housing for the rear brake (mechanical disk). This is great except for the fact that the housing isn't pulled totally taught so it rattles against the top tube every time I hit a bump (which is a lot in cross) and its quite annoying. There are little plastic pie ... Read More »

Convert down tube shifter to STI shifters with Campag 980 6 x 2 speed

[COLOR=#000000]Hi,[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I want to convert my Raleigh Rapide from downtube shifters to STI shifters.[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000](top bike)[/COLOR] [URL=""][/URL] [COLOR=#0 ... Read More »

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