Tacx Trainer Tires - Clincher

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Tacx Trainer Tyre Specifically developed for riding on a home trainer. The special rubber compound minimizes overheating, slippage and wear. The Tacx Trainer tyre is quieter than standard cycle tyres. It is not suitable for outdoor cycling. Tacx Trainer Tyre Specifications: Sizes - 26 x 1.75 or 700 x 23c Bead - Wire. Buy Tacx Trainer Tyre from Chain Reaction Cycles, the worlds largest online bicycle store.

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Need to get an indoor trainer....torn ligament in thumb

While riding my mtn bike the other day I got broke off and ended up tearing a ligament and possibly two in my thumb. Surgery next Wednesday. Doctor says that I won't be able to grab anything with any strength for a good 2 months and possibly 3 depending on therapy. So, I want to get an indoor trai ... Read More »

what would rather: Bike + trainer or a stationary bike?

So, i thinking about getting a trainer to pair with my bike; instead of using my stationary bike. For my stationary bike i have a lifecycle c15. Which brings me to the next question if i get a trainer which trainer is the best?Read More »

VR Trainer Threads/Forum question

As I sit here by the campfire trying to get warm and work up the nerve to unfold my BF PR Pro and go for a ride, I find myself thinking about the dreaded end of the season. Is there a forum out here (or anywhere else) that is focused on the new VR trainers that allow you to ride your normal routes ... Read More »

Justifying an indoor trainer. Questions about KK and TR

I have a couple questions that I was hoping someone could answer for me. I'm trying to justify purchasing an indoor trainer for this winter when it gets too cold and dark early. For reference I am looking at getting a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and pairing that with Trainer Road program. 1) Can I m ... Read More »

help with which trainer, power meter, and software

I know there are lots of trainer threads out there which i have gone through, and read DCrainmakers reviews, but I am looking for some specific recommendations. I just did a bike fit, and more important than tweaking the fit was learning that after 50 years of riding a bike, I really don't know how ... Read More »

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