Vittoria EVO Tube Tires - Clincher

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Product Description

Lightweight, high-quality butyl rubber means you get the performance and pinch-flat resistance of latex with superior air retention to latex. The valve cores are removable. Available in your choice of valve length: 42mm or 51mm. 84g.

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Scratched Steerer Tube, SS Evo

Removed fork today to quiet a headset creak, noticed a fairly long scratch on the steerer tube that begins at the top of the tube. Not very deep but obviously quite long. Tube has been cut previously for stem height. Looking for opinions in terms of issues riding with this and or damage. Tha ... Read More »

Vittoria corsa evo ks tubular: Tube already cut/spliced?

I developed a leak at the valve stem on a Vittoria Corsa that I've ridden twice. It would fill up but if I wiggled the stem it would leak. It's got a healthy dose of Stans in it too... Anyway, I decided it was too nice a tire to just toss so I figured I'd try to fix it. I peeled the tape, cut th ... Read More »

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