Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech Tires - Clincher

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Product Description

When road conditions are not ideal... sidewall-reinforced Rubino Pro Tech is. Mithril sidewall protection against sharp debris found on roads in wet conditions. Nylon 120 TPI casing, market-standard for high performance. New Kevlar Endura 3D Compound, with high duration and exciting road behavior. PRB puncture protection. Updated tread pattern, with Dot C.O.M. Vector Design. Kevlar Endura 3D Compound - When making this new compound, we decided to capitalize on our glorious Kevlar 3D Compound and increase its wear-resistance. Superior tread-life. Very good grip, on all roads; Low energy absorption. Strongly recommended for its high-mileage, both training and racing. Specifications: Sizes - 700 x 23c Colour - Black Bead - Folding PSI - 100/145 Weight - 240g

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