Challenge Tech Fango Tires - Cyclocross Clinchers

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Challenge Fango Tire - Clincher(0x254ddd70)

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Fmb Super mud or Fango??

We don't get a lot of mud, but the sharp spike like looks of these makes me think they would work well on wet, somewhat muddy grass. Or what would you suggest.Read More »

Fango or Limus for my one tubular wheelset

My pit bike has clinchers and I am covered for tires for that (Grifo & Limus based on conditions). My A bike has tubulars, and about 50% of the time last 2 seasons I couldn't run my current tires (Tufo Primus) because it was too muddy and they were useless, so ran the clinchers from the pit bike. ... Read More »

So; anyone here ridden the PDX AND the new (300tpi) Fango?

How do they compare? It's hard for me to want to switch a tire that I really like for all but the muddiest or driest condition, but I will if you can convince me the PDX is superior to a Fango.Read More »

Replacing latex tube in Challenge Fango

I blew out my Challenge Fango yesterday, not sure how. Tire is fine, so I was going to send it to to have them replace the tube. After reading that latex tubes will resist pinch flatting better than butyl tubes, I'm looking to get the Challenge superlite latex tube. It looks like they ... Read More »

Grifo or Fango?

If you could only have one set of tubs (for now, others may be added later), would you go with the Fango or the Grifo? I've heard quite a few people say that the Fango is faster but with more grip, so I'm not really sure what to choose. It's usually not muddy here, and when it does rain it's not ... Read More »

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