Continental Cyclocross Race Tires - Cyclocross Clinchers

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Continental Cyclocross Race Tire The Cyclocross Race delivers tubular-like feel and performance with a large volume 35mm casing.  Run it at low pressure for that perfect balance between traction, comfort and low rolling resistance....

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Race Report: My first ever cyclocross race

Thought there may be some interest in another newbie's first race experience.... I started racing crits this summer, and love mountain biking for fun, so it kind of made sense to check out 'cross. I put an older dura-ace 9-speed single drivetrain and some tubulars on my 80s Peugeot road frame and ... Read More »

Early cyclocross race

[video=youtube_share;H9_Fs1QtsOY][/video]Read More »

Cyclocross Practice for upcoming 10-19 10-20 Race in Chester NJ

Thursday------------------------------------------------------------- Cyclocross Ride We are going to have Cyclocross practice at the Marty Cross location in Chester. The address is Highlands Ridge Park at 100 North Road. Practice will start at around 4:30 and end at dusk. W ... Read More »

Cyclocross race video exchange?

I see lots of racers with GoPro video cameras strapped to the handlebars this cyclocross season. Now that the season is winding down and we are moving indoors to ride on trainers, I thought that we could offer a cyclocross race video exchange. Is anyone willing to post their 1 or 2 favorite race ... Read More »

Where to Find Pro Cyclocross Race DVDs

Do any of you know where I can order DVDs of American and European races?Read More »

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