Continental Mountain King Tires - Cyclocross Clinchers

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Continental's Mountain King reigns supreme thanks to a totally restructured tread pattern. Improving on what was was excellent soft/loose grip, the new Mountain King features larger shoulder lugs and a more pronounced 'void' toward the center lugs for cornering that's practically telepathic and reliable performance over a wide variety of terrain. Advanced Black Chili rubber compound and puncture resistant ProTection casing. Recommended pressure: 50 PSI. Max. pressure: 65 PSI. Folding bead. Handmade in Germany. Available in a 26 x 2.2 Inch (55-559 ISO; 590g) or 26 x 2.4 Inch (60-559 ISO; 650g) version.

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Building a Chris King Mountain Hub?

Good day, I picked up a classic chris king mountain hub, the low flange version. Chris King also sells an adapter to make the rear spacing 130mm, which I also bought. The initial wheel build came with non-existant tension on the non drive side. My wheelbuilder at the LBS said the classic CK hu ... Read More »

Storm King Mountain hwy blocked - rt 218 NY

Just got a report from Ray that New York route 218 between West Point and Cornwall-on-Hudson has been blocked by rock slides, so the road is closed until they repair it. One of the most spectacular roads on the East coast for riding, cut into the side of Storm King Mountain, hanging over the Huds ... Read More »

Is anyone doing the King Of The Mountain race?

[URL=""]Clearfield Cycling & Habitat For Humanity - King Of The Mountain 5-mile time trial uphill race[/URL] on Sunday, 11 October 2009, in central PA? [URL=""]Clearfield Cycling[/URL]Read More »

King of the Mountain polka dot t-shirt (no spoilers)

Does anyone know where I could get a polka dot t-shirt resembling the King of the Mountain jersey in the TdF? Not looking for a jersey, just a shirt (short sleeve or long) with the dots.Read More »

Some King of the Mountain closeup shots

My husband took following closeup shots of some riders. If you recognize yourself in them and would like the full-size images (or want me to take them off), please PM me so I can email them to you. [img] ... Read More »

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