Interloc Crossfire Tires - Cyclocross Clinchers

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Interloc Racing Design - IRD Crossfire 700x32 Cross Tire

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Executed or crossfire, does it really matter?

Seems the media is now making a big stink over the possibility of Gadhafi being executed instead of randomly catching lead in a crossfire. Hell, it doesn't really matter to me that they executed him. Let's move on to the next point of drama.Read More »

today's Crossfire episode.

man, john stewart just tore begala, and especially tucker carlson, new ass-holes about the ways the media has been forsaking its duties, and are more theater than actual news programs. tucker was growing more indignant and redfaced by the minute. it ended with carlson saying something like, "i t ... Read More »

IRD crossfire some final pictures of my bike

I am done buying stuff for my bike and I thought I would post some pictures of it so you could see it as it before I forget about it... I will miss this bike since I sold it todayRead More »

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