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Clinchers - 23mm tires on 25mm rims

Is it ok or it will simply doesn't fit ? Same question about 23mm tires on 23mm rims, is it ok or should I use larger tires than rims width ? Thanks.Read More »

23mm tires on 25mm clinchers

Does anyone run 23mm tires on 25mm clinchers? Just wondering how they would work, or if they would. I'm planning on running 25's on mine but I have a new spare set of 23's that I would put on in a pinch.Read More »

Newer Campy Clinchers - Mouting Tires?

I have a pair of Scirrocos that are about 5 or 6 years old. It is almost impossible to mount tires on them. I've heard others complain about this issue with Campy rims as well. Any experience here with more recent product? I'm especially interested in the Bullets or Fulcrum Red Wind rims. I lov ... Read More »

Tubeless tires on carbon clinchers?

Is this possible. Specifically, I'm wondering if the 2012 Zipp 303 carbon clinchers can be use with tubeless tires? Assuming a tubeless conversion kit for aluminum rims will be used, will the sealant damage the carbon in the long term?Read More »

good quality fatter clinchers road tires for gravel?

Anyone know who makes a clincher tire of good quality in a size 25 or higher in a standard road tire? I'd like something for racing on gravel roads but want to avoid the expense of the tubulars like the Pave. Thanks!Read More »

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