Specialized Turbo Elite Tires - Cyclocross Clinchers

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Product Description

The Turbo Elite combines low rolling resistance, 60 TPI plus increased traction in braking and accelerating. Competitive road riders need a fast, light, and tough tire, and the Turbo meets the needs. Extremely low rolling resistance and superior cornering traction lets you climb easily, descend quickly, and corner aggressively.

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Specialized Turbo Elite Cyclocomputer

I have one of these and have been using it with great care. I just went out on a ride tonight and I cannot get the thing to display mph. It's like it can't read the senor data. I tried various positioning points with the senor and I tried resetting the unit. A quick scan on the web reveals that ... Read More »

Turbo Elite Computer - Troubleshooting

I have been using a Specialized Turbo Elite computer for a little over two years. Last week it stopped working, however there was still a display. After adjusting the magnet it would still not work. I replaced the battery on the transmiter and it still won't work. Any suggestions? BTW - a cou ... Read More »

Specialized Turbo Elite

I have one of these computers, in another post I was reading and on a picture of a pro bike (cant remember which one) somebody mentioned that you could attach it to the stem via zip ties so if anybody has done this how do you do it? ThanksRead More »

Sigma 1600 vs Specialized 04 Turbo Elite

Anyone have any advise on choosing between these two computers with cadence? I am replacing my Avocet tt45 (very unreliable) and have narrowed my choices down to these two. I’m trying to decide which is more reliable & more durable. I like the twist lock on the Sigma because I take my computer o ... Read More »

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