Clement PDX Tires - Cyclocross Tubulars

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Product Description

Clement is back in the USA, with a passion for cross! PDX provides grip in the wet and muddy conditions common to the Pacific Northwest, but uses wide-spaced knobs so it doesnt pack up with mud and dirt. This tire is ideal for racing use. ...

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Clement PDX

Belgum tape or no I heard that Clement suggests no tape.Read More »

PDX STX finale video

Video of the final short track series race. I didn't suck like last week. 19th of 53. Read More »

Suggestions for 1-2 hr loop in PDX

I will be in Portland (Northwest) next week and it looks like I might be able to escape for a 1-2 hour road ride. I'm a complete noob to Portland although I will have my GPS phone with me. Can someone suggest a loop that I can do? Climbing is a plus. From the map it seems like I should chart a co ... Read More »

Ronde PDX 2012

I guess it's not happening again this year! I am also not going to try it this year, for the first time. I'm a little worried, as I have not done 7,000 ft of climbing in one ride before. Most has been around 6,000, and that was over 80 miles. I just purchased some nice light wheels, and I'm pairi ... Read More »

Clement PDX mounting direction.....

....I've done a search and all I can find is the comment "the chevrons face forwards". The PDX doesn't really have any chevrons, but I believe the reference is that the "Y" points forwards - anyone have the correct direction? I believe that when looking down on the tyre from a seated position (o ... Read More »

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