Challenge Tech Mirage Tires - Tubular

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Challenge Mirage 22mm Tubular Road Tire

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Campy Mirage replacement

My Campy Mirage rear derailleur (9 speed, 32/42/52 triple up front) and cassette aren't going to make it another year on my 1999 Bianchi Eros. Mirage is no longer made, right? What are my replacement options? Ebay of course but anything else? Thanks.Read More »

Motobecane mirage

hello every one, this is my new classic bike my grandfather left me. I went out for a ride today. i did 10 miles :). I had my lbs do a tune up, change the tires and replace the cables. My grandmother tells me there is a lot of history and miles on the bike, he bought that bike in late 70' or early 8 ... Read More »

Need replacement pads for my '96 Campy Mirage calipers

I want to replace my pads with something a bit more grippy. I have Campy Mirage brakes with the OE Campy pads. The rims are not machined and I thought that was mostly where the poor braking was coming from (its very hard to stop) but it sounds like the single pivot calipers combined with less-than ... Read More »

Have a chance to buy a Motobecane Super Mirage Mixte - Should I? How much?

There is an estate sale near my office tomorrow and they have a (looks like) '70s Motobecane Super Mirage Mixte in the sale. Would this bike be worth picking up and fixing up, either for my wife to ride or if I get it cheap enough to clean up and flip? What would be the most I should pay for it in ... Read More »

Options for a broken campy mirage rear derailleur

I have a 10 year old Marin Verona that I took into a couple shops because my rear derailleur isn't working properly. It's a 9 speed, long cage, triple Mirage campy - both shops confirmed that the "clip" that keeps the chain taunt has broken off - and both said I might be able to try a 10 (or searchi ... Read More »

Read More »




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