Continental Cross Attack Tires - Tubular

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Product Description

  • Exceptional winter weather traction for training and racing
  • Perfect for hard pack conditions and low temperatures
  • Evenly spaced knobs for fast rolling on flats, with predictable cornering
  • Excellent pinch resistance and superior comfort
  • 2 carcass plies; 160 tpi

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Anyone use conti cross attack tubulars

I down to the wretched last tubulars on the hook and have a choice between the green vittoria el tire and conti cross attack, neither looked too inspiring, so I went with the later on the front. Anyone have experience with these tires and when they seem to work the best? They seem to be as suppl ... Read More »

Conti cross attack tubulars?

Ayone use these? Description seems aimed at riding around in the snow. Also, they look a bit heavy at 450g. I was hoping to avoid the Tufo as I have experienced a lot fo flats w/ the cheaper ones. Any other options besides the Grifo?Read More »

continental cross attack

Has anyone used the cross attack sew up from conti? I have good results from their road tubbies and was thinking of trying the cross ones this season.Read More »

Read More »



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