Continental Cyclocross Speed Tires - Tubular

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Every now and then you get lucky and the course is dry and hard vs. the usual mud-fest for which cyclocross is so famous. When this day happens, the Cyclocross Speed is the hot ticket for fast, easy-rollng, while still providing ample traction in the turns. We took the Worldcup and de-tuned the center to reduce rolling-resistance, leaving aggressive shoulder lugs in place for predictable, fast cornering, and wrapped it all in a 35mm casing to ensure a comfortable footprint less likely to flat in the rough stuff. Enjoy the fast conditions and the view from the top of the podium!

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single speed cyclocross specific tubular wheelset

I'm going to convert my geared Surly Crosscheck commuter bike into a single speed race bike and would like to use tubulars. This bike is heavy, but my wheels don't need to be. Please offer up any suggestions on what route you took and why. Thanks.Read More »

** Paid SPAM, Single Speed Cyclocross Bike in Classifieds

Just posted my single speed Cannondale Cyclocross bike in the classifieds. With SS Worlds in two weeks this could take you to the podium and a tattoo. IF you have the legs, fun is for everyone.Read More »

Are There Build Kits for a Single Speed Cyclocross/Monster Cross Bike?

Greetings, I just pulled the trigger on a [URL=""]Vassago Fisticuff[/URL] fork and frame; now I have to build it up. Are there any good build kits you all would recommend? Cheers!Read More »

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships!

Stunned that there is no chatter here. The BIGGEST race of the year starts tomorrow. [URL=""] [/URL] Live TV. Dancing sasquatch. Whoops. PBR in quantities that can't be tabulated. Debauched depravity. 260+ entrants. Where's the excitement?Read More »

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship

Whats the deal? I can't find ANY info online. Is it not happening this year?Read More »

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