Continental Grand Prix 4000 Tires - Tubular

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Product Description

Continental Grand Prix 4000 Tubular: The all new Continental Grand Prix 4000 Tubular may be missing the aura of Continental's long standing tubular champion, the Competition, but it's still enticing professional cyclists with it's impeccable performance...

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I need puncture resistant training tires. I have decided on Gator Skins or GP 4000 Any input?Read More »

Help installing Continental Grand Prix 4000

I can't seem to get these tires to fit on my wheel, Bontrager Race Lite. Is there some magic to this?Read More »

Continental Grand Prix 4000 tires

My new scott cr1 came with these on the bike with the ksyrium elite wheels. It seems like most people are happy with the tires. As i'm a newer rider i think i'm missing something regarding the tires. In motorsports, inwhich i participate, its all about the treadware rating and the stickines ... Read More »

Comparison of Conti Ultra Gatorskin vs Grand Prix 4000?

Looking to pick myself up a new tire. I currently run some Gatorskins, and I have no real complaints-- but then I've had very little experience with other tires. How do the GP4000s compare to the Ultra Gatorskins? Im a very lightweight rider (~125 lbs) if it matters any. I heard the GP4000s rid ... Read More »

New Continental Grand Prix 4000 - who can tell?

I wore out my last set of tires, Michelin Pro Race that came with the bike. Lasted 2000 miles or so by switching the front and back a couple of times. I never really flat (some people do and some don't, I'm a don't), but decided what the heck I'll try the GP 4000. Kind of pricey, but why not? No ... Read More »

Read More »




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