Hutchinson Pro Tour Tires - Tubular

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The Pro Tour is one of the finest handmade tubular tires manufactured today. Now available in a wider more comfortable 24mm section, it is Europcar's go to tire for the World Tour races. The Poly-cotton casing delivers the extremely supple ride of cotton with the manufacturing benefits and strenght of polymide thread.

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Giant in Pro Tour Team

Dear Giant fans, I am looking for searching back about how did Giant supported top class teams, from beginning to now. With years of participations 2015 Giant-Shimano (3M Pro Cycling?? ) 2014 Giant-Shimano 2013 Belkin 2012 Blanco 2011 Rabobank 2010 Rabobank 2009 Rabobank ??? T-Mobile ?? ... Read More »

A proposal: Merge the Tour of Utah and US Pro Challenge

Listening to the deserved complaints about TV coverage and NBC's reluctance to put money into bettering technical aspects of the show, I'm proposing the merger between two, IMO, competing tours (despite them being two/three weeks apart). Make the new race 10-14 days long. 1) It allows more e ... Read More »

USA Pro Cycling Challenge aka Tour of CO

No threads for this week's race? Yesterday in Aspen was pretty wild with all the attacks on the last lap. Looking forward to today's stage from Aspen to CB, with climbs over McClure and the dirt road on Kebler, with a good uphill finish in CB!Read More »

Pro Tour flat tires

I have been re-watching the 2013 Tour this weekend. It struck me how many flats the teams get. I have been to the races and seen the massive amounts of spare wheels the mechanics have glued up, but it got me wondering what happens to all the flat tires. Some $$$ tires get flatted the first half o ... Read More »

Team Budgets (Pro Tour) ?

Has anyone seen any summary of the budgets of the big teams? I have the impression that Sky had the biggest, but I don't know where the rest sit, and am curious. Anyone know? ThanksRead More »

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